Architectural the “CAPITEL” magazine is the St. Petersburg periodical edition for professionals in the sphere of architecture, construction, design and restoration.


In its current format the magazine has been edited since 2008, twice a year; magazine’s volume comprises 160 margins; the edition is of 3000 copies.


The founder and the owner of the edition office is Mr. Gennadiy Sokolov — Head of the “Arch Studio” Architectural Bureau Ltd.


The “CAPITEL” magazine got the highest award at the “Zodchestvo’12” International Festival as the best periodical edition on architecture.


According to the results of “Zodchestvo’13” Irina Bembel, The Chief Editor of the “CAPITEL” magazine became a prizewinner of the competition of the architectural editions in the nomination “The best series of articles on architecture and architects” for those published in the “CAPITEL” magazine.