Tradition and counter-tradition
in Newest timearchitecture and fine arts


Modern architecture emerged about a century ago as a counter-tradition.Its revolutionary spirit was aimed at the destruction of the canons, which could not longer accommodate new ideas or new functions.


However, what set itself against the new architecture?Empty shellfrom whichlong ago has gonethe content. What is genetics of tradition, its original meaning, which gave the fundamental features of the similarities different cultures, which enabled architecture for centuries to develop succession?


The task of the conference — not only the further study of the phenomenon of tradition in Newest time, but also an attempt to get away from the formal opposition «modernism-classic», transfer theme from category of style to category sense. It seems that this could give refreshing impulse modern for architecture by all currents.


We invite to participate critics, historians of architecture, architects and urban planners.



Time: May 28-30.

Abstract: prior to April 30
Location: St. Petersburg, ul. Bolshaya Morskaya, 52 (House of Architects).

Organizers: Magazine «Capitel»; St. Petersburg branch of the Union of Architects of Russia (Council for Cultural Preservation); Research Institute of Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning.